It immediately caught my eye - the carpet which makes my heart beat faster. I wanted it so bad! Not to decorate my 10-square-meter city apartment, no! I wanted to wear it. I actually hate carpets... unless they wrap me up!

"Craving for Poly" is a student project which should show that people live their lives passing each other by, always in a hurry. We live our days in the same daily grid without any prospect out of this endless loop. We need clothes to be considered unique. We want to live our traditions faithfully but we forget to try out new things. The project visualizes the contrast to the harmony, there should be hope of being allowed to break out, to be oneself. Because the desire tells us... never end the game in your frame!

Pre-Productions: Katia Kaiser/ Martina Horber
Camera: Katia Kaiser/ Martina Horber
Post-Productions: Katia Kaiser/ Martina Horber

Annual Meeting 2018 Showreel

The WEF hosts an annual meeting at the end of January in Davos, Switzerland. The meeting brings together business leaders, international political leaders, economists, celebrities and journalists for up to four days to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world.

Client: Live Lab AG
Production: Hangar Entertainment
Post-Productions: Hangar Ent. & Martina Horber
Score: Audiojungle


In a group of six students we realized an image film for the online platform "DeinDeal". After creating the concept and storyboard, we shot the film in three days. This was followed by editing and post-productions. 
DeinDeal published the film on their Youtube-channel as well as on social media.

Camera: Katia Kaiser / Vanessa Peter / Eliane Wohlwend / Viviane Michel / Martina Horber
Post-Productions: Katia Kaiser/ Vanessa Peter


Berlin in 5 days - this timelapse video was made during a study trip and was post-processed with the software "LRTimelapse".

Photos: Martina Horber
Post-Productions: Martina Horber
Score: Mobygratis


The image film for Swisstransplant adresses a sensitive topic, namely organ donation. However, the film is intended to raise awareness of the issue and will show that organ donation is an important decision that requires citizens to choose as early as possible. No matter whether this is positive or negative.

Camera: Katia Kaiser / Viviane Michel / Martina Horber
Post-Productions: Katia Kaiser / Viviane Michel / Martina Horber

Voice-over: Simon Vogel