Do you see the light that drives away the deep shadows in the forest at night? Can you feel the shapes that mark the beauty of nature? Can you enjoy the moment and let your imagination run free? Or are you blinded by the hustle and bustle of time, overwhelmed by the impulses of the fast-moving world and paralyzed by the indispensability of technology? Two different world are in contrast to each other. They show you natures gentleness to the construct of technology.

The interactive light installation "Dinamo" is a homage to the Rhateo-Romanic alternator, which gives you back the control and puts you in harmony with nature.

A project concepted and realized by Vanessa Peter & Martina Horber


Titelbild_klein_Zeichenfl├Ąche 1.png


A whole new universe is just one touch away.

The mapping was shown in December 2018 during 9 days in the city of Zug (CH).

Concept: Lukas Meier & Martina Horber
Technics: Martin Riesen & Fernando Obieta
Animation: Lukas Meier & Martina Horber
Sounddesign: Michael Frey & Luca Koch



If you get lost deep in the old town of Lucerne, the alleys become narrower, the lights weaker and the harsh January cold noticeable. The atmosphere is mystical - hardly tangible - shy and invisible in daylight. But if you search at night, in the twisted darkness of the city, it will show itself to you. Step closer and out of the darkness a magnificent dress of light and warmth, the light of Lucerne, reveals itself.

NOVIS (lat. strange) is a tribute to the strange light that was once sighted over Lucerne and thus lent its name to the city (Lucernia).

A project concepted and realized by Vanessa Peter & Martina Horber